The Founders

Matt Aylett was born in Anstey, Leicestershire, England, in 1964. He was interested in music from a very early age, listening to records on the family Dansette; and pretending to be conductor of orchestras at 4 years old. As soon as he could sit on a piano stool, he soon learned to pick out tunes on the piano.

At the age of eight, he was captivated by the sound of early Moog synthesizers, and from that time on sought to get a synthesizer in the future. The same year he found Christ. Eventually, he found himself leading worship on clarinet, in his family church, and later in the newly formed Leicester Christian Fellowship.

Eventually, he bought his first synth at the age of 17, an EDP Wasp analogue synthesizer, and from that learned all the basics of synthesis. Meanwhile his piano and clarinet skills improved and he was getting very good at rock and roll music, much to the consternation of some church leaders at the time, who were not yet ready for rock’n’roll worship. This led to him being thrown out of a worship band.

This spurred him on to start recording and producing his own music and led to the formation of a number of bands; Impact, a synth duo who performed praise and worship songs, (they were still a novelty back in 1988!) Syntheosis followed, with a more rocky sort of feel, and led to a great partnership with fellow musician Andy Moir.

Synthesising for Patmos stretched him even further, before he reverted back to being part of a praise and worship band first at Hinckley’s Covenant Life Community Church then at Coalville’s New Life Christian Fellowship, now known as Margaret Street Church. He is married to Megan, and through their love for each other and the LORD have formed 4HANDZ. Megan is also very much part of EMPOWERED, too.

Matt’s greatest passion is to see musicians brought to Christ through the music of 4HANDZ and EMPOWERED.

He records and writes songs for both bands as well as praise & worship songs.

One of his present instruments is the MZ2000 multi-function synthesizer; truly one of the most powerful musical instruments ever created. The MZ2000 was the fulfilment of a dream he had back in 1986, years before such instruments existed! Previous instruments include the Casio CZ-230S, Yamaha VSS-200 Sampling synth, and nearly 20 years with the now-classic Yamaha PSS-680. The Aierke ARK-2171 completes the modern line-up with its very individual personality and is the instrument of choice for 4HANDZ and praise and worship sessions. Matt also has a small collection of woodwind type instruments which add a nice touch to some tracks.

Matt also has a real yearning to see justice done for the Serbian people. Some of the oldest Christian communities are Serbian and Kosovo is not only the birthplace of Serbia but of Christianity in Europe. In recent times, western governments have sought to destroy this noble nation and its people in a pogrom not unlike the Nazi pogroms of WWII. This great conviction has led to a calling which might lead some Project Jeduthun ministries on a visit to Serbia and Republika Srpska to hold out a hand of reconciliation and plead for forgiveness on behalf of the English people.

Jon Lockett was born in Luton,  in 1970, and lived in Penarth, South Wales from 1971 to 2002 before relocating to Leicestershire in that year. His mother was an active peace campaigner, a member of CND and a supporter of the  “Greenham Common Women”; one of the many protesters who, during the Eighties, gathered at the anti – Weapons Of Mass Destrection rallies around the country. Later in life she became a devout Christian and was always a music lover, and this shaped Jon’s plans to perform music. He took up bass guitar and became part of a Church worship band. In the year before this he was dissatisfied with the church music scene and sought to find out a bit more about Christian rock music, after someone handed him the Heaven’s Metal Collection tape. He soon discovered that there was a whole plethora of rock and metal  music for Christians to listen to, including some of the more obscure and extreme types of music such as thrash, speed metal death metal This was the tool that the LORD most used in 1993 to challenge him to give his heart and life to Him. Jon’s great passion for music and the Bible saw him take up  6 strings with an Ibanez Roadstar guitar in 1997. His present guitars include this one, a Jackson Dinky and a Jackson Kelly. Throughout these years he’s been motivated to carry on  a plethoric song writing career, with many songs being organised into “albums” which we will record in years to come, God willing.  Some of his songs are lyrically controversial and challenging.

In line with Matt, Jon too has a real desire to see justice come and his song lyrics also expose some of the West’s follies. This is in part due to his anti-nuclear  heritage. Jon is also the originator of the EMPOWERED and AQABA GULF names and mnemonics.