How Project Jeduthun was born

Project Jeduthun was brought about as a vision born in the founders’ spirits prior to their meeting in 1996 at a music festival called Meltdown ‘96. Both the founders studied the Word of God and discovered that music was something that God is very interested in from before creation. He created Lucifer as the angel to bring the praises of the LORD and lead Heaven’s 130,000,000 angels in praise and worship. Lucifer was a living, breathing synthesizer in angelic form, and was very beautiful. The name “Lucifer” means “light bearer”. For millions of millennia he led the worship of the LORD in heaven, and God was pleased. Unfortunately, Lucifer got proud and wanted to be equal to the LORD and was thus thrown out of heaven He was the only angel given the free will to obey the LORD by choice, and for millions of millennia he did just that. But his pride got the better of him; realizing that he was an object of great beauty, he wanted all the attention that the LORD had as the centre of heaven, so he puffed himself up and dragged 30000000 angels away with him.

Ever since that time, God has sought someone who could take Satan’s place in heaven, as Lucifer, now renamed Satan, meaning “adversary”, was thrown out of heaven to take domain of a small blue planet called Earth. The Bible says that it is a natural law that God is praised, and if there is no-one out there to give Him praise, then creation itself will cry out; even the rocks will cry out and the trees will clap their hands in honour of the LORD. But that is not a satisfactory way for the LORD as He wants praise from a person or persons, not mere rocks or trees.

So, He created Jubal to start a great movement and a new art form, music. This art form was designed to magnify the LORD. The ancient antediluvian name means “ram’s horn” and was probably a nickname.

Since the days of Jubal, music has always been important to the LORD, as are its practitioners. But the adversary, Satan, has always wanted his place back in heaven, and has always sought to destroy musicians and music, and throughout history he has used all kinds of methods to lure them into his trap.

As Jon and Matt read the scriptures and saw what has been going on throughout history they were suddenly aware of a great need to reach out to the musician community. What disturbed them greatly was the many great talented musicians who for various reasons met an early end and were cut off in their prime. And accompanying that tragedy was a great lack of great musicianship in the UK Church. Clearly, the talented musicians were out there, and there was a great need, but there wasn’t a ministry that bridged the gap between the needy church and the desperately seeking musician community.

The LORD was seeking a ministry to bridge the gap. Then one day on a sabbatical, God showed it me clearly in 1 Chronicles 25. Jeduthun was the lead musician who praised the LORD and proclaimed God’s message, and the ministry that bears his name was to emulate this. Jon’s strap line was “to proclaim without shame”. The ministry was to become a network of musicians working together, as they did under the leadership of Jeduthun, that proclaims the word of the LORD and praises God through the medium of music. The Project also includes people who are not musically talented but who want to help the ministry in any way practically and spiritually.


The strap line “ building the vanguard” refers to the many times in the Bible that the musicians were sent ahead of the fighting army into battle, as a vanguard. This clear Biblical principle is lacking in today’s church, where music is seen as a way of merely creating an atmosphere or a precursor to the sermon. Music is a powerful spiritual weapon. Just ask David and Jehoshaphat!

Addressing the issue of Rock music and the church:

For years there has been a great divide among Christians: those who have embraced “rock music” and those who have vehemently opposed it.
Rock music has been around for at least 50 years and the arguments still go on. Its origins are considerably older, and have been around for centuries as folk, ragtime, blues and dancing music. Modern rock music has absorbed many other styles to make it what it is today. It was originally the music of the common man, and as such was connected with the working classes. The class and racial distinctions connected with rock music have led to a great social divide within the Church. An Orwellian attitude began to occur during the Fifties; guitars bad, organ good, rhythm bad, melodic good.

This eventually led to “Blanchardism”, named after John Blanchard, where people were more or less encouraged to ditch their Petra and Stryper for the warbling of George Beverly Shea. This had nothing to do with Biblical teaching and everything to do with class and racial discrimination. Music is neither bad or good, although it can be used for bad or good. The classical composers often led very colourful and sometimes very immoral lifestyles akin to their rock-age modern equivalents. Nothing has really changed except technology.

We live in a great technological age with many ways of being able to make and enjoy music. Musical instruments have developed to become the powerful tools of expression that they are today; guitar techniques have turned a relatively unremarkable rhythm instrument into a powerful expressive tool, and modern digital synthesizers give a huge palette of infinitely variable sounds to the musician with unrivalled controllability. The methods of recording and distributing music have moved to the Internet, allowing music to move across the entire planet at the click of a mouse button. I believe that Christians should make use of this great technological advance to create and distribute truly great music worthy of our LORD’s name!

We also want to acknowledge the great music that’s already out there. At the time of writing, Petra are just about to retire after 33 years and many albums of quality music, leaving a great legacy for ever to the church; new rock bands are being formed to follow in their footsteps. Petra were pioneers in combining great music and solid Biblical lyrics. We want to recognize that fact and continue that great tradition!