Project Jeduthun Ministries

A Network of Musicians Working to take the message of Jesus to the Musician Community

We Are:
A group of musicians and bands and Rock Music fans who love the Lord and love great music

Our aim:

  • To build God’s Vanguard in the Last Days
  • To Communicate the gospel to the Musician Community
  • To produce and make available great Christian Music, and promote the great Music that’s already out there.
  • To use music to speak out against injustice in our world

Founders: Matt Aylett and Jon Lockett

Music ministries that form part of Project Jeduthun:

  • EMPOWERED (Evangelical Metallers Proclaiming Our Wonderful Enlightening Redeemer’s Eternal Devotion) classic Rock Band
  • 4 Handz (Classic folk/rock/Praise Duo)